Interview of Bobby Sheng, CEO of Bora, by “Molecule to Market”

The Podcast, “Molecule to Market” features Bobby Sheng

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In this episode of the podcast – “Molecule to Market,” you’ll go inside the outsourcing space of the global drug development sector with Bobby Sheng, CEO and Chairman of Bora Pharmaceuticals. A California native and an experienced leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Bobby is skilled in international business, management, mergers & acquisitions, finance, and marketing. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley and now resides in Taiwan.

Your host, Raman Sehgal, discusses the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain with guest Bobby Sheng, speaking on Bobby’s time as a producer in the film industry and the lessons he gained from producing nine films. Bobby explains his key focus areas as a leader and how he tries to keep them top of mind as he progresses through his career. He also explains the importance of having the right people on your team and describes them as the best and strongest asset an organization can have. Lastly, Bobby speaks on the pharma production industry. He believes there is room to adopt efficiencies and technologies in order to move away from the archaic batch production system.

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