Handling Solvents

Safe and secure solvent handling and processing

We understand the importance of Organic Solvents as critical intermediates in the drug manufacturing process. That’s why we’re dedicated to the safe handling and processing of solvents, putting top-class equipment and robust processes in place to protect personnel, patients, the environment, and industry reputation.

State-of-the-art dedicated solvent handling systems

We have separate solvent tanks at our manufacturing sites for ethanol, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol and a dedicated system to transfer the solvent to the processing units. Bora has installed RTO (regenerated thermo oxidizer) to control the environmental sensitivity. Inside of the rooms we use for these processes, we have the processor oxygen and oxygen sensor and the L sensor to control the oxygen level detected in the room for Operator safety.

Bora’s site in Canada has the capability to use solvents in our semi-solid processing area. We can add in Isopropyl alcohol from an exterior tank into a closed system within the room. All manufacturing vessels are nitrogen inerted, with the appropriate oxygen monitoring for inside the vessel and to keep the operators safe within the manufacturing areas. All the equipment that is used in this suite is explosion-proof rated to minimize any ignition sources.

Bora’s site in Taiwan, each solvent tank has a 30,000L capacity. The relevant solvent operation process equipment is located in a 100% exhaust process room, which is explosion-proof to minimize any ignition sources. The concentration of organic vapors and oxygen are continuously monitored during manufacturing operation and must be below explosion limits. Our facility also uses a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RO) to destroy airborne toxins, odors, VOCs, and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) that are discharged from industrial process exhausts.

Making Success More Certain

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