Bora Group Partnering with Leading Universities for Campus Recruitment Events

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Bora Group, is partnering with leading universities in Taiwan to meet with students who are interested in joining the clinical development and manufacturing industry. Bora has invested heavily in growth over the last 5 years and has high demand for many positions.

Bora will present at the following universities and encourages interested candidates to come out and learn what being a part of Bora’s family is really all about. We are one team, at Bora, we believe in treating each other like “family”. We’re committed to creating an inclusive, open and diverse workplace that empowers employees and generates a safe space for genuine work-life balance and personal growth.


Bora offers a broad range of technologies across its multiple sites, from small scale R&D capabilities to large scale manufacturing services. The company also provides packaging, distribution, tech transfer, stability studies, and product life cycle management capabilities for clinical trial and commercial projects.

Bora is one of the largest CDMOs in Asia and has strong financial foundations in place.

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